Has your business outgrown its commercial premises?

Choose Stanley Brash building & construction services to deliver:

  • Retail units and offices
  • Storage and distribution outlets, and
  • General industrial and specialist factory buildings

If you’re planning the construction of new industrial or commercial premises on a brown field site, technology park or high street Stanley Brash will design, deliver and erect a custom manufactured building to your exact requirements:

  • On time
  • Within your budget, and
  • For a fixed fee

Invest in the benefits of a new building

Modern construction methods mean a speedier build and a bespoke flexible layout designed around the needs of your business, employees and customers. Design in customer reception areas, meeting and rest rooms while designing out wasted space and inefficient workflows. Choose an exterior that creates the right first impression from traditional sandstone to contemporary combinations of glazing and steel.

Concentrate on your business, not on the build

You want to run your business, not be bogged down in the day to day decisions of building new premises. With over 18 years in the building services and construction trade Stanley Brash offers a main contractor service to take care of every aspect of your build from planning and design to completion and landscaping.

On a fixed fee basis you can expect:

  • Bespoke architect drawings and plans
  • All submissions and liaisons with planning and building departments
  • Precision manufactured components & materials
  • Outsourcing and management of specialist subcontractors
  • A delivery and construction schedule to meet your budget

Experienced in commercial projects of all sizes, from care homes to coach works, Stanley Brash has the knowledge and know-how to initiate and keep your project moving, to avoid costly and time consuming delays and complete your build on time and within your budget.

If you want the comfort of a fixed fee agreement and a main contractor to handle every detail of your build, call Stanley Brash today on 01721 723 400 and bring your new premises one step closer.

Stan is the only builder we know whose price is what he says it is with no hidden extras. I strongly recommend him for any type of building works.
Robert B Harrison